Gustavo Narea
Gustavo Narea
Senior Software Engineer in London

About Me

I have 12+ years of experience as back-end engineer, team lead and ScrumMaster. I enjoy solving inherently difficult problems as part of a self-managed team.

I designed Relaynet to keep people connected despite Internet blackouts caused by repressive regimes or natural disasters, as well as to help software vendors build products that can't be built with the Internet today. I invented it at the University of Oxford and subsequently founded Relaycorp to support its development.

For more career details, please go to my LinkedIn profile.


  • Extensive commercial experience with Python, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker and AWS, amongst others.
  • Former core contributor to and author of popular Python projects, such as TurboGears 2 and repoze.what.
  • I previously worked at Auth0, in the small dev team behind the core service that processes over 42 million logins a day.


My personal interests include:

  • Security and privacy. I'm very keen to do what I can to improve the security and privacy of netizens.
  • Adventure trips. I enjoy cycling, hiking and camping in remote places around the world. I occasionally upload photos to my Flickr account.
  • Bicycle maintenance. This started out of necessity in preparation for a remote tour, but I enjoyed it and now I have my own workshop at home.

Recent Projects

  • I designed Relaynet to bring the Internet to places where it isn't available.
  • I built PyRecord to bring record types to Python, inspired by the implementation in my favourite language (Ada).

Other Things

  • I made a business out of my first web app at the age of 17 and learned many lessons the hard way. It reached profitability quite quickly, but it only lasted six months.
  • I've spoken at EuroPython, Django Users Group in London and Libre Software Meeting (RMLL), amongst others.

Contact Me

Simply send an email to and mention the word "abracadabra" somewhere in the email (if you don't, I won't get it!).

Please note that if you'd like to talk about any of my software projects, it'd be best to use its corresponding support channel.